Monday Musings: What We Lose (A Poem)

Some fights are not worth fighting,

Because even when we win, we lose.

What’s the point of fighting with our destiny?

Some battles aren’t meant to be won.

A good heart, obscured by the hateful thoughts,

Just isn’t fated to love and to be loved.

The darkness can get suffocating sometimes,

When we forget to light the candle of hope.

Love, life, destiny, all the funny names for things

That can neither be explained fully nor understood.

Loss of a smile and that of a happy soul is

The worst loss of all, sometimes, never to be recovered.

What we lose when we lose our purpose in life,

It’s the loss that will follow us to our graves.

© 2020, Fizza Younis.


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Monday Musings: Everything (A Poem)

My soul was shrouded in darkness,

I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel,

They said it’s there for it was always supposed to be,

I didn’t see the truth, how could I be free?

My heart was broken and it was bleeding,

The sadness had destroyed all the laid in its path,

There wasn’t a single ray of hope to be found,

And to my misery, my very soul, was bound.

It was cold, hard, and life was unforgiving,

The pain in my chest, unrelenting,

The pull of despair was so strong,

Everything I did went wrong.

Lying in the pool of my tears, I waited –

For the death to come and find me,

For my suffering to end and my soul to mend,

I remained helpless until the very end.

Things were never easy for me,

No matter how hard I tried,

I never found the truth that I sought,

And I never won any battle that I fought.

© 2020, Fizza Younis.


I was feeling particularly down the day I wrote this. Usually, even when I’m writing a sad piece I always give it a happy (or hopeful) twist at the end. With this one, I couldn’t do that.

I’m dedicating this poem to everyone who has ever come face to face with the monster we call depression. Trust me, there is light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it at the moment. I’ve some experience with that myself.

Be safe and be happy. Take care of yourself but also take care of each other. Don’t belittle others’ problems and if possible, don’t victimize yourself. Love!

Friday Flash Fiction: Now is the Time

“Is the vaccine ready?” Krish asked the doctor in his usual stern voice.

“We’re close,” the doctor replied, not meeting his penetrating gaze, “but it’ll take a few more months.”

“That’s not good enough,” he said, annoyance dripping from every word, “We can’t release the virus without the vaccine in place. It’s too dangerous…” He was interrupted by the sound of an alarm going off. “You just ran out of time, doctor.” He winked and walked away.

© 2020, Fizza Younis.

P.S. I hope you all enjoyed my attempt at writing this thrilling flash fiction. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Let’s hope that the good doctor is able to create a vaccine in time. And the evil Krish is punished for his wrongdoings and manipulations.

Stay safe and happy reading!

Monday Musings: Thoughts That Count (A Poem)

Don’t hurt someone and then ask what’s wrong,

Don’t sing and then say, ‘what’s a song?’

Don’t make the same mistake twice,

Feigning ignorance isn’t wise.

Since you were born with a silver spoon,

You have danced to your own tunes,

You might not understand how tough life can be,

But do look around and try to see.

When you’re poor, things are not always easy,

Life isn’t good and nothings is breezy,

Don’t say that you don’t care for the unfortunate,

After all, it’s not about winning the debate.

You should do all the good that you can,

You must make an effort to understand,

What others feel is as important as your feelings,

You have to remember this in all your dealings.

The right thing to do is to never hurt someone intentionally,

Sometimes wound can run deep and people bleed internally,

Pay attention and make sure,

That your hurt and soul are pure.

© 2020, Fizza Younis.



What is everyone reading these days?

I haven’t talked about books in a while. Mostly, because I have been too busy writing and haven’t had the time to read much, but also because I wasn’t in the mood to talk about books. Strange, I know.

These are crazy times and I’m definitely been acting differently than is normal for me. Anyhow, I decided to discuss books today. I’m now out of my non-reading phase and have been on the lookout for brand new reads. So, with that thought in mind, let’s discuss what everyone has been reading these days.

Right now, I am reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Long story short, I joined a reading group and this is the book they are reading in May. I remember reading it as a teenager and hating it. I wasn’t so sure about this re-read. Where I am a fan of classics, I am not really a fan of gothic romance. However, I must say that so far I’m enjoying it.


Maybe I was too young back then to appreciate this story. In any case, I think it might not be all bad. But I’m only a few chapters in so let’s see how it goes. One good thing that came out of this is that I’m back on the reading horse. And I already have about twenty books on my shelf that I’m going to read next.

How about you guys? What’s your current read and how is it going? Don’t forget to share your thought. Happy Reading!

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Friday Fiction: Dear Earth, With Love

You might not know me, but I have been watching you from afar, waiting for the right moment to get your attention. You, a rare blue planet, how I admire you. There aren’t many like you in the universe.

Anyhow, I observed that you have a bit of a pest problem. You can’t imagine how sad it makes me feel to see you suffer thusly. The pain that humans are causing you, needs to stop. They are killing you slowly, and don’t even seem to show any remorse for that. Those vile beings. Oh, how I hate them!

I hope you don’t think me too forward, but I have decided to intervene. I simply couldn’t stand by idly while they murdered you in cold blood. Don’t worry, I have sent my best agents to protect you. They will take care of the pests’ problem for you. They are invisible and they work with great efficiency.

Soon, they will start killing the humans, slowly and painfully, exactly the way they deserve to die. Within a few years, your health would be restored. I promise. I have dealt with this before so I know what I am doing. You can trust me.

In a galaxy far away, there was another planet like you. I used to admire her, but she also had the same problem. Her humans were slowly destroying her beauty. I had to help her. So, I sent my agents and took care of the problem.

Unfortunately, she didn’t take it so well. You see, she was rather fond of her humans. She called me a creep and told me to stay away from her. Can you believe that?! I do a thankless job of protecting the planets.

I might have been heartbroken at first, but then I decided to move on. She wasn’t worth my time. You, my dear Earth, are so much better than her. And now, here we are, and it pains me to watch you go through something so tragic. Not for long, though. I assure you, my love. These humans need to go. I’m going to make it happen.

Hopefully, your reaction would be different. Humans are not worthy of you. Let me finish them off. I’m going to do it without mercy. So, that’s what I wanted to let you know. Please, don’t hate me for taking care of you.

Yours Truly,

The Protector of the Blue Planets.

© 2020, Fizza Younis.


P.S. I wrote this flash fiction for the ‘Flash Weeks’ at Wattpad. The prompt was to write a letter to Mother Earth and so I did. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

Monday Musings: Memory Lane (A Poem)

I walked down the street, trying to remember it all,

But not seeing a single thing that I could recall.

The neighborhood wasn’t what it used to be,

Alongside the road, there were no Jamun trees.

There were no houses older than a few years,

Nothing that could remind me of my childhood fears.

Then I saw it, something I could finally recognize,

Standing there, our house, like a sight for sore eyes.

It hadn’t changed with time, it had stayed the same,

A little rundown, it was a home to which I came.

Sighing, as I took the trip down the memory lane,

I remembered the innocent smiles and not the pain.

I was home, at last, after longer than I cared to admit,

I was here to stay, but as a winner and not a misfit.

© 2020, Fizza Younis.


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Friday Flash Fiction: A Legend

“Witch!” one of her classmates said, “No wonder your parents didn’t want you. Who would want a witch in the family?” Everyone else laughed while Meena kept her head down.

‘Think of something good,” Meena muttered under her breath. ‘Don’t let them ruin your day.’ Unfortunately, her day was already ruined. If she were truly a witch then she could make them pay for their bullying.

“Cat got your tongue, witch?” someone else said.

Meena had no friends, and at this moment, she was wishing to be anywhere but here.

“Such a weirdo!” One of the meanest girls said these words like they were a curse.

Meena kept her head down and her eyes closed. If she didn’t respond to their insults then surely, they’d get bored and move on some other target. She heard the sound of the bell, sighing in relief. Now, she could escape to her room and read. Meena wasn’t even sure why everyone called her a witch. It wasn’t like she was one, right?

“Meena, someone is here to see you,” her roommate, Maria, said. She was the only one here who didn’t bully her, but even she wasn’t a friend.

Meena closed the book she was reading and left the room without saying anything.

“Come, Meena, meet your Aunt Halen,” the director said, as soon as she entered his office.

“Hello, dear,” Halen said, “I’m your mother’s sister and I’ll be visiting you often. Let’s get to know each other.”

They talked for a while. Meena showed Halen the orphanage. For the first time, life didn’t look bleak. Before departing, Halen gave her a wishbone and told her to make a wish. With the larger part of the bone in her hand, Meena wished to be a witch, and her life was changed forever.

© 2020, Fizza Younis.